Kitchen and Bathroom Trends for 2018

Butler Homes loves all of the new trends! Are you ready to update your home so that your home is in style? Give us a call, so we can help you with your home updates or a whole new home!


  • White and Light with Marble
  • Turning mirrors to stand tall, so it elongates the room
  • Built in outlets in drawers and such to hide all of the appliances
  • Seamless transitions by using the same tile throughout the room and glass partitions to make the bathroom feel open
  • Add rustic details to continue the farmhouse style that has become so popular because it adds so much warmth
  • Herringbone tile patterns really make a wall or shower pop
  • If farmhouse isn’t your style, then maybe nautical is. Using navy blue and some shiplap add a nice transition that goes alone with white tile.
  • Grey is still in, so if you are still wanting to add that to your home, it’s not too late!


  • Adding outlets to your drawers or cabinets allows you to hide all those appliances and charging stations needed for our electronic age.
  • Mix and match your cabinet colors. You are no longer confined to one cabinet. Make your island a contrast to your kitchen that makes a statement.
  • White colored cabinets are still a classic!
  • Add some natural touches to warm up your kitchen. Wood accents or countertops add beauty to your kitchen. Barn doors are also a great way to add natural wood to your kitchen
  • Easy access to all of your kitchen supplies is essential, especially when cooking during a time crunch. Make sure to pick the cabinet styles that will hold all of your essentials in the right location for your cooking ways.
  • Use your island for storage. It can be added to the ends or one whole side. Islands are a practical and functional addition to your kitchen.
  • Make your kitchen pretty yet practical.
  • High contrast is a way to make your kitchen a statement room of your home. White cabinets with a dark grey island are a great example.
  • Make sure that your style and needs are pivotal point for remodeling the most important room in your home.