Is Your House Haunted?

We don’t think of our personal homes as being haunted, but are they haunted with an outdated look? Your home needs to be filled with joy and not the dread each time you see your room that is from horrors of the past. Here are some suggestions on turning your goolish home into a gorgeous one!


Tile showers are all the rave. Many of our customers are having the tile baths and showers added to their home. Although we would all think that tile and grout is waterproof, it isn’t 100%. That is where the Schluter-KERDI system helps out. When you use this water proofing system, it effectively manages the moisture and prevents mold growth. The Schluter-KERDI system forms a fully bonded, water tight assembly for tiled showers. Another addition is adding a glass enclosure to your bathing experience. It is a great way to let light in, but also easy to clean. No more screams of horror when you enter your new updated bathroom!

Room Addition:

Do you feel like the walls are closing in on you? Cramped spaces can make anyone feel on edge. If you love your home, but you need more space, a room addition is a great solution to this horror story. Butler Homes can offer many solutions to solve this issue in your home.


The price of new cabinets can make anyone scream. Painted cabinets can help you save, yet make an update to your kitchen. Decorative tiles are also a way to update your kitchen to make it less frightful.

Butler Homes can help your home be delightful instead of frightful! Give us a call at 765-748-0334!