Remodeling Trends for 2018

As Fall is upon us, we all start looking towards the new year and trends that are ahead of us. After some research, here are some of the up and coming trends for 2018.

  • Geometric Patterns– Bring back the 70’s, well, maybe not that overboard! Accent walls or tile backsplashes are a nice way to bring some dimension into your home. It can also add a splash with just a throw pillow or rug. You choose how much of your inner flower child will shine through in your home.
  • Quarts over Granite– Move over granite, quarts is the new stone in town. Quarts is durable and has some amazing textures and options. Most people only think of countertops, but stone sinks are even the rave as well.
  • Two-tone Cabinets– From bleached to colored, the options are endless. No more are you stuck with traditional cabinets that are all the same throughout your home. You now have the freedom to mix and match styles as well as colors to show your true style.
  • Upgrade your Doors– Gone are the days of being stuck with traditional doors. Now you can add color or patterns to the doors in your home. There are so many doors available to meet anyone’s style. Don’t forget to switch up your door hardware as well! When one door closes, another one opens!
  • Bright Colors – Grey has been the going color for quite a few years now. It’s time to spice it up, by adding pops of bright colors, colored appliances, plumbing fixtures, hardware, or a whole room!
  • Metallics – We all need a little sparkle in our lives. We have been seeing throw pillows with metallic writing, but why not add more to your home? Metal furniture, side table, hardware, faucets, and lamps match nicely with traditional fabric furniture. So don’t throw out those brass items just yet!
  • Wood– It’s not just for floors! Adding wood elements to your home is a beautiful way to bring nature and the peacefulness into your home. Wood can be added to unexpected areas like ceilings, walls, and decorations.

Are you ready to make you home a trend setter in Delaware County? Give Butler Homes a call and let us make your home be the talk of the town!