Financing Your Project Just Got Easier!

Thinking about doing some home improvements? How to finance the project is probably going to be something that enters your mind right after deciding you want to do that improvement. Traditionally, you had about 2-3 options, pay all cash, refinance, or get a home equity line of credit. The latter two are only feasible if you have equity in your home. We can now offer another option for you. Butler Homes can finance up to 100% of your home improvement project with loan approvals being completed in a matter of minutes. No equity in your home is required, as this is an unsecured loan, based solely off a personal guarantee.


With the average major kitchen remodel costing $40,000 and a bathroom remodel averaging $16,000, it could take decades before you’ve saved enough cash to do your projects and actually enjoy the results. For smaller projects, such as decks, concrete patios or sidewalks, custom built entertainment systems, etc., Butler Homes can offer payment plans like 6 months with deferred interest.


You could also do a combination of cash and one of our financing options to reduce the amount you pay in interest. Also note that by “cash” we mean you pay for the project outright rather than get a loan for it that you pay off slowly.


Credit Karma says, for projects between $15,000 and $55,000, personal or unsecured loans are a good fit. That’s because these types of loans are easy to apply for, don’t require any collateral (your home is not in jeopardy if you default), and they tend to offer higher loan amounts than credit cards do.


On the flip side, however, our interest rates tend to be higher than they are on home equity line of credit loans. You would have to decide what the best fit for your financial needs is. Call or email us to find out what current rates and terms we are offering, as they do change occasionally.