Man Toy Box? Roof? Deck? Financing Available!

You have heard of Man Caves, but have you heard of Man Sized Toy Boxes? Butler Homes can help you out! Does the man in your life have an over flowing garage, yet seems to keep buying more? Well a Man Sized Toy Box can fix this problem! In reality this is just a detached garage that allows him to put all of his toys in a new location, so you can have your garage back. Who doesn’t need more space for our toys, lawn mowers, gardening supplies? This Man Sized Toy Box allows you to walk out of your home into a decluttered garage, because all of those “toys” have their own home. Butler Homes now offers special package deals on 2 and 3 car garages of varying sizes. Bonus is, we also offer easy financing that allows you to make low monthly payments.

We would like to introduce BDS Roofing by Butler Homes. BDS Roofing will provide the highest quality of service and one of the best warranties on the market. The Spring season has wreaked havoc on many homes with the high winds we have received. Make sure to take a look at your roofing system as best you can, look for missing shingles from the ground. Hail damage is something that can’t be seen very well unless you get on the roof however. If you aren’t sure what to look for or are not comfortable climbing on your roof, give us a call, we will inspect your roof for you. We are BDS! Breath, Defend, Seal!

We offer a Total Roofing System and use one of the top leading shingle manufacturers in the country, Owens Corning. With your new roof we won’t just install new shingles, we will also inspect for proper ventilation to ensure your house is breathing ok, and we will check for proper attic insulation to ensure you are not losing precious energy through your attic. If your home is not breathing correctly we can remedy it by adding more intake / outtake vents. We will ensure the home is sealed correctly by installing leak barriers and proper aluminum flashing. Your home will be defended by the Owens Corning line of shingles that offers a limited lifetime warranty. At BDS, we will properly explain the warranty coverage you choose and we will ensure your warranty coverage is filed correctly and in your hands BEFORE we ever collect on a final payment!

Also with Spring upon us, we are all sitting outside a little, to enjoy the beauty and fresh air. Wouldn’t it be nice to sit on a deck that does not require any upkeep? We can build you a great patio deck and can do it with great style! At Butler Homes we offer one of the best Composite decking systems on the market by Timber Tech. Timber Tech composite decking has a limited 30 year no fade and no stain warranty! There are a variety of styles and colors to choose from. You can also pick the railing that fits the theme of your home. Variety of choices, long term guarantees, and virtually no maintenance; give us a call so we can show you some samples of this amazing deck material.

Wish you could have these at your home, but money is holding you back? Butler Homes offers easy financing on everything we sell! It is a quick and easy process to get pre-qualified.