Homes & Lifestyles Magazine is More Than Just New Homes, Like Us!

We have all seen the homes magazines that are by the door as we leave our favorite grocery store. It’s common for us to grab one on our way out. They are fun to look through and dream of the home we wish we could buy or maybe help us find our new dream home. Homes & Lifestyles Magazine include spot lights and ads on certain realtors. They even throw in an occasional ad for financing companies. This month, they now have an ad for Butler Homes and My Go To Guy.


There are times that most of us cannot afford a new home, so we update or remodel our current home. That is where Butler Homes can give you a hand. Let us help fix up your current home to make the changes and updates that you want.


Do you need to get your home ready to sell and only need minor changes? That is where our handyman division can help you out! My Go To Guy can deal with those changes. We can also help get the items that need to be completed on the spur of the moment after an inspection.


Did you buy a new home and want to make some changes to make it feel like your home? Give Butler Homes or My Go To Guy a call, we can help you!