There has been a change in conversations that we are having with our customers. Now we are hearing “I saw this idea on HGTV,” or “I just love what they do on Fixer-Upper.” We are then asked, “Can you do that?” More than likely, we can because Butler Homes has the expertise to take these ideas and adapt them to your current home. Along with that comes a customer who knows exactly what they want, because they saw it on a show. The other customer just wants us to make the choices for them, like they do on the TV show.

We are hearing more about outdoor living spaces. Butler Homes does concrete patios as well as pergolas. We are painting a lot more grey rooms with white trim and installing tile or hardwood floors, as many of you have seen on “Fixer-Upper”. We are creating a lot of open spaces where there once used to be walls. Room additions and remodeling to redo your spaces have made many home owners very happy with their current homes. It is amazing what remodeling can do for your home, from fresh paint to that whole new room addition you always wished you had.

So, bring us your ideas, Butler Homes can make your TV dream a reality in your very own home!